Russ Scarf - Fallen Brother

In Memory of our Fallen Brother - Russ Scarf


Russ with Dr. Ian

Russ (right) and Dr. Ian during a press interview at the Jester's Pattaya Bike Rodeo.

Russ Scarf  1950-2001

Russ passed away midday on the 16th of September 2001 in Bangkok-Pattaya hospital in Pattaya city, Thailand. The same day of our care for Kids Children's day charity event.

He was admitted at 6AM with breathing problems and immediatly put on an aspirator and eventually succumed to heart failure.

The cause of death is being attributed to cancer of the throat.

Russ's Bike

Weenie contest


Russ is survived only by his widow,"Suree". 
His Mother and Father past away long before and has no other family back in England.

He had the Jester's as a family here in Thailand and we will always remember the good times we shared together with him.

May you always have your face in the wind and your colors in your heart Brother.....