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Trip Diary Phuket

Below are photos from Phuket Bike Weeks ’95, ’97 and ’98

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In the first year (1995), three of us rode down with the Immortals for the inaugural Phuket Bike Week. About 100 strong we rode down from Bangkok with a police escort on Songkran Day, when water was flying all over the place. We soon realized that the most desirable place was right behind the squad car. There we felt not only like VIP’s, but also were high and dry, as the riders mid-pack and back got heavily doused with buckets of water.

On the second day, from Surat Thani to Phuket, the preponderance of it all began to cut heavily into the fun factor. The gas stops became agonizingly longer as people jockeyed to line up at the pumps. This was compounded by the myriad of repairs that had to be made on an increasing number of bikes with each successive stop. Due to the mechanical mobile unit accompanying us being already stretched to its carrying capacity of broken down scoots, the work had to be done on the spot. What should have been an easy couple of hours’ ride to our destination took most of the day.

Though the week was a blast and many friends were made from the different motorcycle clubs of various countries, when it came time to leave the three of us decided to go on their own without the hordes and the police escort. One may be able to guess the outcome: After riding hard all day and into the night, we wearily arrived in Hua Hin. After a fine, hearty meal and looking forward to checking into the nearest hotel and getting a good night’s sleep, my bike refused to start. Unknowingly, the alternator had gone and I had to be bumped start by my brothers for the remainder of the trip back to Pattaya, including the frequent stopping necessary to get through Bangkok.

Photo Descriptions

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